Have you ever tried fixing something in public and everyone had this stare at you and when you ask for help, you hear them ask “Who send you?” This is the reality in Warri, we continually claim, we nor dey carry last, but when it comes to taking up responsibilities that will put us in forefront we treat with levity. Warri is our home and it’s time we begin to collectively address the vices eating up the city. Top on the list is the environmental challenge, tribal sentiments which of course resonate not just with illiterate but the seemingly educated class. This sentiments is creating territorial and developmental divide on the premise of defective judgement made by Imperialist, leaders before us who never felt the brunt of these challenges.
Our poor waste management habit, indiscriminate littering and illicit waste disposal methods will always haunt us. This is not the duty of government alone, we have to rethink on the way all as post-consumer dispose our waste and find ways to make organisations that produce or use materials that generate bulk waste for packaging or other purposes implement an effective “extended producer responsibility (EPR) in Warri.
Warri gives not just to it’s residents but the nation so much, but in return, she’s been neglected and turning into one of the dirtiest cities. We generate thousand tonnes of garbage daily, some of which are irresponsibly dumped on the streets, roads and the limited water drainage systems. We’ve turned roads to dumpsite, and every day the piles keeps increasing, defacing the city, spreading disease and despair. It’s already a huge problem, should we wait till we can’t resolve it or transfer to the next generation? The growing population, markets, schools, developments, organisations and geometric increases in automobile usage is leading to a fast deterioration of our city. Shortage of Land in the city has closed up interconnectivity links in the city. We are responsible for this sorry state. We roll down the windows of our cars and carelessly toss drink cans, food packets, cigarettes and whatever not, onto the road. We spit and freely eliminate urine on walls and at all corners.
CleanWarri wants to put an end to this; it’s the silent wish of everyone living in Warri or connected to the city to live in a beautiful, clean and healthy city. CleanWarri will work with citizens, experts, government and organisations to ensure that the right actions are taken. Our health, quality of life, attracting investors, and tourism, all depends largely on keeping our Warri clean. The time for talk is over. No real change in history has come about by discussions. A Clean Warri starts with you. Our mission is to improve on the environment and make it clean, beautiful, healthier and safer for every resident and visitors. The challenge of dirt, littering, pollution etc can be resolved when addressed from a wholistic perspective.