These are community leaders, associations, groups, organisation, individuals or volunteers tasked with two responsibilities, firs being to discuss government policies centred on the environment and secondly, be in partnership with CleanWarri and actively contribute to the management and upkeep of the city of Warri. As a friend of Warri, you are expected to care about where you live, desire to be actively involved and is prepared to volunteer to make a difference. How much time friends of Warri put into the role is up to you but whatever you do, will make a difference in the city of Warri. You can also volunteer or to join up with others in your area and outside your area for cleanup activities. Every volunteer or friend will get formal recognition as a friend of Warri. We’ll influence, suggest or modify policies to ensure sustainability and resilience of the city’s environment. If you'd like to find out more, or have any questions about being a friend of Warri, please email us at