This is a consistent online and offline campaign and sensitization for a cleanwarri. This campaign will include several activities and process for positive participations. We hope to get our school children and tertiary institutions involved in the campaign. For example #MySchool,MySpace, #MyHome, MyResponsibility etc. This is focused on encouraging a lifelong sense of community pride and ownership among Warri youngest residents, i.e. children.
This will help primary schools and pupil to tackle the litter around the school and in the local community. The pupils will be leading by example and challenging the negative effects of litter, both in their area and across the city. Schools will be organising litter picks and clean ups and raising awareness of litter, waste and recycling issues.
The kids will be rounding up parents, groups and local people to join in with what they are doing. Promoting responsibility for the neighbourhood in school and at home and across the community. The school with the best effective initiative will be recognized and given awards.