This is a wide range of projects that will improve the streets, roundabouts, gutters, roads etc in the city of Warri and environs; it’s the program that will ensure that benefits are seen as quickly as possible.
Our roads have become dumpsites; gutters and gullies that drain water off roads blocked by dirt and litter thereby causing flood on roads and streets, bus stops abandoned, filthy roundabouts with over grown grasses and heaps of dirt blocking drivers views, Enerhen junction deteriorating every day etc.
We’ll be addressing issues that include dirt on our roads, streets, roundabouts, drainages, bad road signs, dirty walls, unkempt shrubs along major roads, repaint old road markings mostly slabs, provide, replace and maintain litter bins at strategic areas and schools, parks around the city etc. These practical projects will also help residents and businesses to volunteer and support clean up campaigns activities. These will includes campaigns such as, 20 Man, 10 Location, Roundabout Check, RoadScrub, Community Clean up etc