Cleanwarri vision embraces local transformation, but the vision goes far beyond local as humanity now faces environmental crisis of global proportions. Vulnerable societies experience the greatest suffering from environmental degradation. Lasting solutions happen from the ground up–with the participation and leadership of residents and workers most directly affected by pollution and environmental degradation. The mission of #CleanWarri is not just about cleaning up roads, roundabouts, and streets but about developing a clean, beautiful and healthy lifestyle across Warri and environs. CW envisions a city that is not just Clean, Green and beautiful but also socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. This will include specific objectives such as beautification of strategic locations around the city, develop mini parks, and construct toilets in communities, better waste management practices, influence environmental policies, encourage reuse and recycling and aggressive awareness campaign by empowering residents with adequate information about the danger of this challenge and their roles in tackling this epidemic and reduce crime by creating job. Clean Warri will work with citizens and experts, to ensure that the best and right actions are taken and the results maintained through effective monitoring. Our health, quality of life, crime reduction, and tourism, all depends on us collectively rectifying the terrible state of our city. Based on evidenced of previous success we know that this initiative will help in no small measure to protect the environment, human health and social living standards of residents and create job opportunities for Warri and environs.